Anonymous: "*groans slightly into your mouth, gently tugging at the roots of your hair*"

*moans as you do and pulls back* sit down baby

Anonymous: "*holds both of your hands in your back with only one of mime and places my other hand on the back of your tilted head, pushing it through your hair. Kisses you slowly but passionately, sucking on your tongue and bottom lip*"

*pushes my tongue inside your mouth, kissing you hard*

Anonymous: "*nods slowly and keeps placing light kisses down your shoulder* yes, only you can get me this hard *keep moving slowly to the music as I gently take both of your hands and place them on your back, holding them there as I kiss you passionately*"

*brushes my lips over yours before kissing you back passionately*

Anonymous: "Oh god yes... *places very light kisses down the side of your neck as I grind you against me* you're making me so hard already..."

*closes my eyes and tilts my head as you do* sse.. only I can do that

Anonymous: "*smirks and stands up, moving closer and placing my hands on your hips. sways my hips to yours, breathing slowly against your neck* you look so hot like that..."

*breathes out and grinds against you* yeah?

Anonymous: "*looks at you and then tilts my head back* oh my, baby... can I touch you now ? *bites my bottom lip*"

*smirks and walks to in front of you, dancing right in front of you* I guess so..

Anonymous: "*breathes slowly as I observe you, following your hand and biting my lip hard* oh wow baby..."

*circles my clit with my finger before pulling my hand out again and dancing round to behind the chair, wrapping my arms around your neck from behind and gently kissing your neck* hmm did you say something?

Anonymous: "*nods slowly and leans back in the chair, observing you*"

*slowly gets more confident, running my hands over my body as I dance slowly, slipping one hand into my knickers*

Anonymous: "*looks up at you quickly and bites my lip* why not... ? I love touching you..."

Not yet… I’m trying something for you *turns the music up and slowly moves my hips to the music*

Anonymous: "*reaches over and runs my hand up your stomach gently*"

*bats your hand away* no touching…