Anonymous: "*laughs loudly* no, not with an awesome husband like me *grins*"

So big headed *giggles* nope, you do not argue with your wife *narrows my eyes at you*

Anonymous: "Yes he is *chuckles* and the wife's gonna listen"

The wife is always right..

Anonymous: "*chuckles* shhh listen to your husband being right."

My husband isn’t right *smiles*

Anonymous: "*smiles slightly as you say so and kisses your neck* you're too good to me..."

*smiles* that’s not true

Anonymous: "*sighs slightly and hugs you back* You've seen me more miserable than anyone else and I hate that.."

Well I’m your wife.. I’ve seen every side of you *smiles slightly and kisses your cheek*

Anonymous: "I'm not ashamed Vicky... I'm pissed of, saddened, tormented, even childishly jealous of every one around us that can get pregnant normally... And you'd witness all of these feelings if you're there with me..."

*sighs sadly and hugs you* I don’t care… I want to be there with you

Anonymous: "*sighs and looks at you* fine..."

You don’t have anything to be ashamed of or anything to hide from me..

TOMAX in 2010 <3

Anonymous: "I know you are... And you're perfect, you know it... But this is about me and my self esteem Vicky *sighs slightly* do you understand ?"

*sighs and turns to you* of course I understand.. I just think I should be there.. not only to support you but also because this is my future too.. I want to know what’s going on…

Anonymous: "*sighs and follows you* sorry but I'm being honest..."

Yeah well I’m just trying to be a good wife..*puts some underwear on and gets into bed*