Anonymous: "It's going to be such a feast for me *grins and lays you on the bed*"

Mm I bet *giggles and kicks my shoes off*

Anonymous: "*grabs you and carries you as we get there, chuckling* ready ?"

*giggles as you do* mm of course

Anonymous: "*chuckles and starts to run*"

*giggles and runs with you, going straight up to our suite*

Anonymous: "Me neither, I just want to go back to the hotel and eat chocolate cake from my wife's body *grins*"

*giggles* we’d better get back then *quickly grabs your hand*

Anonymous: "*looks at you* well you wanted to do something else ?"

I didn’t have anything else in mind..

Anonymous: "*chuckles slightly and orders the cake, taking the bag*"

Shall we head back to the hotel then baby?

Anonymous: "*nods* I'll ask to take a slice of chocolate cake home *smiles*"

Great idea…

Anonymous: "*bites my bottom lip as I look at you, nodding slowly* at the same time..."

*bites my lip* If you wanted to…

Anonymous: "*closes my eyes for a second as you do and parts my lips* mmh well I fancy the chocolate cake... but I'd like to taste you too..."

Oh really? *breathes out* well you could have both if you like..

Anonymous: "*chuckles slightly and licks my lips slowly* well... you see, I'm hesitating to taste between two things..."

Oh really? What 2 things would they be? *slowly runs my foot up and down your leg under the table*