Anonymous: "*smiles slightly* hey... *comes closer* I missed you..."

*nods and looks at you nervously* I’m tired tom.. tired of all this

Anonymous: "*sighs as I read it and comes home an hour later, getting in* Vicky ?"

*comes in, looking rough and tired* hi..

Anonymous: "*doesn't contact you for a couple of days before sending you a message* Can I come home ? x - Tom"

Yeah.. we need to talk

Anonymous: "Kicking his buyt it is then *smiles* rest babe, I love you *leans and kisses your cheek before leaving* - Nina"

*smiles and falls asleep*

Anonymous: "A message from you or you just want me to kick his butt ? *smiles sweetly* - Nina"

I don’t know.. whatever *lies on the bed again, exhausted*

Anonymous: "And do you want me to say something to tom maybe ? *strokes your cheek* - nina"


Anonymous: "*frowns* are you sure ? I don't mind staying babe *smiles* - nina"

No honestly you go back *smiles weakly* I’ll be fine

Anonymous: "*kisses your cheek* don't think me... Sleep *smiles* want me to stay over today ? - nina"

No.. no its okay.. you go back to max

Anonymous: "You do ? Ok *strokes your hair and gets off you* you need to rest now..."

*wipes my eyes* thanks nina

Anonymous: "Hey, hey... *stops and leans, hugging you from behind* I know, I totally understand what you're going through... When Max cheated *gulps* I hated that I love him, I wouldn't stop thinking about him even though he hurt me... But at least he understood his mistake and changed... Tom needs to react, he needs to understand - nina"

I can’t lose him nina.. I can’t.. he’s all I’ve got *wipes my eyes* I know.. I know what I need to do