Tom in Brighton

"Here’s Nath chilling backstage, taking a picture of us, taking a picture of him, taking a picture of us. Head hurts… "

*smirks and speaks louder* I guess you'll have to wait to know *chuckles and works during a few hours before coming back to you*

*giggles and sits alone, practicing heart vacancy*

*leans and says into your ear* because you know I'm the man, don't make me prove it to you... *smirks and pulls away* time to work boys ! *winks at you and walks away to the studio*

How would you prove it hmm? *smirks and giggles* get to work

*squeezes your hand* then we wait and hope.. - jay x

B-but what if I’m right jay…

*raises my eyebrows as I look at you* be careful babe *smirks slightly*

*giggles and steps closer* why?

Hey ! She isn't ! *pouts* I'm the man !

Okay you might be the man…but I’m in charge *smirks*