Anonymous: "*sighs angrily and folds my arms* let's just sleep"

N-no… Please

Anonymous: "*sighs deeply, my back facing you* why wouldn't you tell me ? I thought we were past this shit..."

Tom please…I - it’s nothing

Anonymous: "*hesitates to put my clothes on and leave but sighs angrily, getting in bed*"

*comes out, tears in my eyes* tom..

Anonymous: "*looks down at you, still frowning* oh great *shakes my head and goes out of the shower, grabbing a towel and storming out to our room*"


Anonymous: "*frowns* what is it Vicky ? I know you're keeping something from me... I thought we stopped doing thay a while ago..."

I-im not

Anonymous: "Don't you think I know my wife ?"


Anonymous: "Yeah ? Well why wouldn't I be ?"

*frowns* tom..

Anonymous: "Yeah ? *turns to look at you*"

You look upset..

Anonymous: "*washes myself silently*"


Anonymous: "*smiles slightly and nods* sure... *goes to the bathroom, getting in the shower quickly*"

*Follows you up and gets in with you*