Anonymous: "Yeah whatever... Anyway, he's not allowed around you."

*laughs* like that’d ever happen anyway

Anonymous: "Well I better be... And no ian somer something *groans slightly*"

*giggles* somerhalder..

Anonymous: "Vicky, don't tease me, my reaction was perfectly normal... *stares up at you*"

*giggles and smiles* you know you’re the only one in my heart

Anonymous: "Nothing angel, dont worry *grins and lets go of your wrists*"

Your face was priceless..

Anonymous: "*smirks* better... You listen qquite well i must say."

What are you doing?

Anonymous: "Im gonna wipe that smirk right off... *grabs your wrists and pulls them to your back*"

*gasps and bites my lip*

Anonymous: "Careful... *keeps my eyes narrowed*"

*giggles and bites my lip* what?

Anonymous: "*stills as you mention him* what ?! *slightly pulls away and narrows my eyes at you* oh, ok I see what you're saying... Only me as well, understood ?"

*giggles* your face..

Anonymous: "No i wouldn't, ever... *whispers against your lips* I want to own your heart..."

Mm you do baby.. along with Ian Somerhalder *smirks*

Anonymous: "*hums against your lips* mmh fine then... *bites your bottom lip playfully before tugging on it and releasing it*"

Well you wouldn’t like it if I had other men in my heart *groans slightly as you do*