Anonymous: "*sighs and keeps sneaking glances at you as I feed iz* - jay x"

*can’t get it out of my head and you can tell I’m scared*

Anonymous: "*raises an eyebrow* I thought I told you not to go on it ?"

I know you did baby… but I just wanted to see

Anonymous: "*smiles* you're gonna get big without my help baby, trust me"

Nooo I’m gonna need all the help I can get *chuckles* I actually went on twitter today for the first time since we announced the engagement… people are actually being so sweet about it *smiles*

Anonymous: "Of course I did, I tweeted about it *chuckles*"

Thanks so much baby, that’ll really help *smiles and kisses your cheek*

Anonymous: "*wraps my arms around you and kisses your forehead tenderly* ok then, I'll call them"

Great *smiles* did you look at the link I sent you? The video went online this after *grins*

Anonymous: "That's true... I'll invite them tomorrow if you want"

That’s a good idea *smiles and cuddles up to you*

Anonymous: "*narrows my eyes at you* mean. Erm, I don't know, did you want to do something ?"

No I was just checking you didn’t have anything planned *smiles and gets in next to you* you haven’t been out with the boys for a while

Anonymous: "Did you enjoyed the shower without me ? *is already in bed*"

I did *grins* as much as you enjoyed your day without me *chuckles* what are we doing tonight?

Anonymous: "*laughs and nods, going out of the bathroom as I'm still chuckling*"

*finishes rinsing my hair before getting out and wrapping a towel around me, coming into the bedroom*

Anonymous: "Yeah I was pretty sure you weren't gonna help me *chuckles and steps out* I'm so beyond glad I won this bet, you have no idea *chuckles*"

Shut up being so smug *chuckles* I’ll be out in a minute